County Road 9 & 179th Street


Thank you!

Thank you to those who attended the Open House on Tuesday, March 12th. We had a great turnout and appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedules to learn about the latest progress with the study.

Visit our Study Materials page to view the informational boards shared at the Open House.

Study Background:

Dakota County and the City of Lakeville are partnering to coordinate planning efforts and identify required improvements to serve as a basis for the jurisdictional transfer of two roadway segments in the City of Lakeville — County Road 9 (Dodd Boulevard) and 179th Street.

Current County Road 9 will be renamed to Dodd Boulevard and will become a city street managed by the City of Lakeville from east of Highview Avenue to County Road 31 (Pilot Knob Road). Additionally, the current city street 179th Street will be transferred to the County’s authority. 179th Street will be renamed to County Road 9 converting it to a county highway from County Road 23 (Cedar Avenue) to County Road 31 (Pilot Knob Road). See map below:

Project Area Map

While these are the limits where the city and county will transfer their authority, this study will focus on Gerdine Path to Dodd Lane, including intersection improvement analysis at current County Road 9 and County Road 23, and the segment between County Road 23 through the Flagstaff Avenue intersection.

County and City staff, along with the consultant engineering team, are currently developing the preliminary designs of this jurisdictional transfer to address important community concerns.

Your input is needed!

Your feedback will help shape the future of County Road 9 (Dodd Blvd) & 179th Street. Please take a minute to share your thoughts!

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